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1."to be made in Taiwan"

was perhaps Fluxus something like a neverending story wih many knots
(4), with which in the meantime a whole country (Luxembourg) pays,
today inverts this quotation;

whereas Ernst the elder still described the myth of the Gordion knot
(5), Huang Yong Ping wanted to defeat the West with the East and vice
versa (6); today Alexander's great son is sitting at the round table
in the mustardseed garden (7), complaining now and then and buries
himself in the art of war (8), unless his cell phone rings...

...so the (fairy tale) character of the bamboo knot is discussed as a
sign of the festivities and thriftiness, so to speak moral (of the
story): ¸` (jie)

«jié» shot while walking in «Anti-Gardening»
by Yan Chung-Hsien taking part in the «LAND ETHIC»-project 1998/99.