Tradition can be quite boring, but not when it is inspired by a creative spirit: Thanks to the extraordinary quality and special flavour of STROH spirits and liqueurs, STROH has gained a large community of friends, for more than 170 years. In 1832, Sebastian STROH laid the foundation stone for another unique Austrian success story. STROH has always kept a finger on the pulse of time and continues to surprise with new innovative products, up to today. 

STROH's unique and outstanding aroma clearly differentiates from conventional rum production. It therefore managed to stay number one worldwide.

Quality does not stop with the Austrian border. STROH is already available in more than 30 countries and is appreciated abroad for its unique aroma, its flavour and its strength. The STROH brand stands for the Austrian perception of the quality of life. STROH is simply “The Spirit of Austria”.

The Spirit of Austria. STROH - Austria’s most prominent spirit shows muscles.
The product, that is able to top an evening in a mountain hut, that is taken home by tourists from all over the world and enriches so many delicious Viennese sweet dishes has made a major move in advertising. It is represented by the new “STROH man”, the man of the incomparable aroma. Standing for mountains and winter sports, he withstands the raw climate with the aid of STROH 80. You can find him wherever STROH is part of the way of life. He represents the power of STROH – “The Spirit of Austria”.

STROH - The Spirit of Austria
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OF STRAW are going to be cur(at)ed by Förderkoje®.
This program is part of Förderkoje's activities belonging to Class 42: Catering; accommodating guests; health and beauty care; professional consultancy.

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