Taiwanese House

8.7. - 4.8.2000
Ben Yu

"Es gibt Menschen, die mehr als einer Welt angehören, mehr als eine Sprache
sprechen (im wörtlichen und übertragenen Sinne); die mehr als eine Identität
bewohnen, mehr als ein Haus haben; die gelernt haben, zwischen Kulturen
zu vermitteln und zu übersetzen..." (Bojana Pejic)

Reconsidering the Förderkoje as a "walking in clothes closet" by image-transfer artist Ben Yu (*1956, Taipei) is going to create a look how a Taiwanese house feels like today at home in Berlin.

"For the past ten years of globalization I have searched for a definition of identity within Taiwanese contemporary culture. I am looking for Formosa and the essence of a beautiful island among real life environment. "Taiwanese Houses" portrays contemporary urban houses to present the transition from old to new society based on history and geography.
Taiwanese communities are free to design and build structures that reflect local materials and culture because they are not burdened by development codes and city planning. Corrugated metal houses use the same material as illegally built houses: they are easily constructed and completed quickly. These characteristics permit the design, function, and color of any form to be constructed in Taiwan reflects their imagination. Secondly, because land use has shifted from agricultural to industrial, newly constructed "avant garde" houses and houses of worship which spring up in the middle of farmlands, are easy to find. After reaching a certain comfort level, contemporary Taiwanese houses reflect an intense curiosity about anything new and a new aesthetic based on a barrage of information. If a "Taiwanese Post-Modern Experience" exists, it must be a combination of ancient western columns and traditional Taiwanese styles. Without the burdens of tradition and boring community development a new Taiwanese house is like a maiden: she wears fashionable clothing and accessories to exhibit the vibrancy of a life in continual flux." (Ben Yu)

It's interesting when investigating into tourism - I visited the International Tourism Exchange in Berlin (ITB) - recognizing that up to now a lot of the famous European editors like DuMont or Merian haven't yet published a Taiwan guide.

So the housing will express an outlook into "l' only planet Taiwan" with its geopolitical and cultural aftershocks I could see and experience while living and working in Taiwan last year.

The artist will be present at the opening on 8 July, 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.

exhibitions (selection)

1999 "French Chair in Taiwan", IT Park, Taipei; 1999 "Between Real & Unreal (IV)", China Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China; 1998 "You talk/I Listen", Centre d' Art Contemporain, La Ferme du Buisson - Noisiel/Marne-la-Vallée; 1996 "Family Album", Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Arts Museum; 1992 "Horizon of Korean Photography", Seoul Fine Arts Museum, Korea; 1989 "Something About Gauguin", First Gallery New York
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